Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Chicago with Great Ratings

By Maura Biedron

This interactive map is of 12 vegan or vegetarian restaurants in the city of Chicago that have a four star rating or higher. According to the ratings, Upton’s Breakroom in West Town is the place to be. Upton’s Breakroom has a rating of 4.9. From the pictures the food looks delicious and according to this blog review of the restaurant, it tastes as good as it looks.

Another restaurant to keep tabs on, is the second place winner with a rating of 4.7, Kitchen 17. This vegan cafe boasts a widely popular deep dish pizza as well as many other menu offerings ranging from American to middle-eastern cuisine. The cafe is BYOB and has no corkage fee, which is hard to find in the city.

Apart from Upton’s Breakroom and Kitchen 17 most of the restaurants had ratings in the low fours. Karyn’s is the lowest being a four. This list of vegan/vegetarian restaurants is based on high ratings, so Karyn’s shouldn’t get the short end of the stick based on a rating of four out of five. This cafe has a fresh juice bar, specialty shop and a casual cafe offering a wide variety of vegan foods.

It seems there is no shortage of delicious vegan and vegetarian options throughout Chicago. The northern neighborhoods around lakeview have a a few options. The western neighborhoods have the most options around west town and wicker park. South loop has quite a few places to choose from as well. It is nice to see that vegan and vegetarian options are not underrepresented in the city of Chicago.


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