Fan of Craft Breweries? California’s Where it’s at.

By: Maura Biedron

Choropleth-Map of Brewery density per state.

Choropleth-Map of Brewery Density Per State.

This interactive map combines data from the Brewers Association to provide an interactive tool to find how many craft breweries are in each state. This data was retrieved from the Brewers association database for 2015.

California leads the way with a total of 518 craft breweries throughout the state, making it a great place to visit or live if you love breweries. Washington and Colorado are not too far behind with a total of 305 and 285 breweries respectively. These three states are popular places for hipsters according to this article from cbs. Multiple cities in California, Boulder, Colorado and Seattle are all ranked for being in the top 19 cities for hipsters. Do breweries bring all the hipsters to the yard? Am I reaching for a correlation? Possibly, I like to think they correlate at least slightly.

A few states that should jump on the brewery bandwagon are Mississippi and North Dakota, which are in the single digits for craft brewery counts. Mississippi claiming eight breweries and North Dakota with a total of nine. Breweries are a great tool for increasing tourism and economic growth of the state. Craft breweries are on the rise and according to this article from Forbes, it is a lucrative business aiming for quality over quantity.


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