Google Trends: Trump vs. Trudeau

By: Maura Biedron

Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau?
Who was searched more frequently in Canada in 2016?

Despite Justin Trudeau being the Prime Minister of Canada and making decisions that impact their country greatly in 2016, Donald Trump was searched for more frequently throughout Canada. With the exception of only a few dates in March and May of 2016 when Trudeau beat Trump’s searches. It is quite interesting that in March 2016, Trudeau visited the White House and May 2016, had a series of important meetings in Ottawa. Despite these instances of Trudeau being searched more than Trump, it is clear in the graph that the searches for Trudeau were only slightly more than that of Trump. Trump held a steady pace of search counts throughout the months leading up to the election. Following the steady pace of search counts was the skyrocketing search numbers seen during the presidential election week in the US. While it is understood that the President of the United States is a very important public figure throughout the world, it is still intriguing that a country can be more interested in searching for then President Elect, now President of the United States than its’ own leader. This graph is telling of how much media coverage this past election cycle received, even in countries other than the US.


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